How to keep the freshness of flowers for a long time?

At any age women want to receive beautiful bouquets from their fans. Any man is pleased when he was presented with fresh plants that create the aroma, positive and paint. Unfortunately, this beauty is not able to produce a long hours. That's why women invented many ways, how to save for a long time the freshness of flowers that will stand in a vase. If you approach this issue very seriously, that flower arrangement will delight for a long period.  Razglyadev in detail the main options for extending the life of flowers.

Homemade methods for plant conservation

When you get the bouquet stem is already beginning to grow harmful bacteria, which have a negative impact on plants. Flower stalls and shops are active against harmful elements with the help of special chemical elements. At home you can do the same, just to put the flowers in a weak solution of potassium permanganate before placing them in plain water. If there is potassium permanganate, you can use ammonia, or boric acid. Thanks to these products you will be able to remove bacteria from the flower, thereby extending his life. But there are other methods that should be given attention.

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  2. Sparkling water. The bouquet will long be fresh in the vase if you will not pour the water from the tap, and soda. To achieve maximum effect, add a quarter tablespoon of baking soda. They will act as an antiseptic. This simple method does not require additional costs, but at the same time will preserve the life of the plant.
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  4. Vodka. A drink there is in the house everyone. He acts as a secret element to preserve the freshness of the bouquet. Just add a vase with just a few drops of vodka and bacteria stop to proliferate. Only we should not forget every time to add the vodka when you want to change the water.

As it turned out, and among the flowers, there are "alcoholics". For example, such a plant as the Astra is going to feel in a liquid containing alcohol. But, be careful not to overdo it. Concentration should not be strong. Simply add one teaspoon of pure alcohol in one liter of liquid.

remember these tips and enjoy fresh plants a few weeks!

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