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Buy a beautiful bouquet of gerberas in Ukraine with the delivery service.

Beautiful gerberas are the flowers of the Asteraceae the Aster family, these flowers are perennial, herbaceous. In the world there are approximately 80 species and varieties of more than 1000. His story begins gerbera in South Africa, where they grow. They also "live" on the island of Madagascar. In addition, some species of gerberas are also growing in tropical Asia.

The colors of these flowers are very diverse. Breeders and florists say that it is possible to find gerberas of any colour except blue. The flower stem grows to about 50 cm in height and it is only one Bud, and the leaves grow at the base.

The world widespread interesting legend which says that once lived a wonderful wood nymph Emblem and she was so tired from the excess attention that he decided to become a wild flower. But in fact, the florists say that gerbera was found by the Dutch, who were in the African journey. But these days, gerberas are very popular, and no wonder they are in fifth place in terms of sales in the world.

Therefore, we believe that buy gerbera for any occasion, or simply in order to please a loved one. It is so versatile and beautiful flower that he just will not leave indifferent any woman. a Bouquet of gerbera daisies will please even the most finicky lady.

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