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Iris is a delicate flower. The common people still call them cocks or iris. These flowers begin their history from the earliest times, and their popularity has spread around the world. In appearance they somewhat resemble an Orchid and even the same can have a different palette of colors.

Today, there are about 800 varieties of these colors. They are different sizes and shades of petals, inflorescence, acute leaves and buds. Irises always remain on Olympus flower because florists use them, creating extraordinary bouquets.

There is a legend which says that the first time iris has flowered in our Land so many years ago. This flower is so fascinated that they came to admire not only, and even the natural elements wind and water, and they spread seeds of beautiful iris worldwide.

When they sprouted bloomed, the irises become the most favorite colors of people. Also, there is an opinion that Florence was named by the Romans because the settlement was many, many irises. And in translating the city name "blooming". Now this flower is the emblem of the city.

Bouquet of irises will please every woman, because it is so bright and beautiful flowers that is impossible not to appreciate. Their colors allows you to create incredible compositions that will enhance any holiday.

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