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Flowers to Ukraine 

Giving flowers is probably the best tradition on earth. And what a feast in the modern world do without flowers? There is probably no such. Be it a wedding, birthday, prom or a date. But whence came this tradition? The custom of giving flowers, relatively not very ancient. Only three centuries ago there was a fashion to decorate the rooms of the huge bouquets they resembled Victorian beds, they were decorated with lace, ribbons or feathers of beautiful birds. In the nineteenth century in Europe appeared a new hobby, which came from the East "the language of flowers" - with daisies or pansies and ladies and gentlemen confessed their feelings. All men were required to know and be fluent in it asianlady flower was filled with deep meaning: for example, the Queen received from the gentleman a bouquet of lilies of the valley, I understand that he has been in love with her. Geranium was an invitation to a secret rendezvous. But the most interesting, the most sensitive was a bouquet of flowers of potatoes. It meant: "You are the fairest and most beautiful of all!".

Fresh flowers delivery always welcome! Some of the secrets of giving flowers!

In the modern world it is believed that the flower is a mandatory addition to a gift for women. With reason or without it, women always love and miss flowers. Men, in turn, like to give women fresh flowers, because they raise the women's mood, give a smile and a good mood. Since the "language of flowers" is known for a long time, the drafters of the bouquets, but now florists have always known that means one or the other flower, in which case, give to without words to convey their feelings. Now people are presented with flowers to show their love, or joy, sadness, separation, to congratulate with triumph or just apologize, and maybe hint at a special relationship.

Not all knowledge has survived to the present, but people from generation to generation transmit knowledge about the symbolism of colors:

-  roses are given only to women, and men better to give carnations;

-  male flowers give mostly to birthday.

-  married women or women in honourable age is inappropriate to give bright red flowers, as this gift symbolizes a Declaration of love;

-  white roses are the symbol of innocence and purity, give to brides;

-  yellow flowers hold the promise of separation and betrayal, because better these flowers for no reason not to award;

-  spring flowers can be presented in any fancy wrapping, hat, basket and flowers;

-  if on the occasion a family came, the hand bouquet must be the man;

-  colors that inspire in the hallway at home, you can give, removing it from the packaging;

-  if a bouquet is not in the hallway, is the door opened not the culprit of the holiday, it is first necessary to remove the bouquet packaging and only then, present;

-  with the presentation of the bouquet to keep the buds up.

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