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Buy a 51 rose bouquet to your home or office!

Bouquet of flowers better than any words can say about the importance of an event. Flowers decided to give on a first date, birthday, wedding and other important occasions. And to give flowers as his girlfriend and co-worker, friend, parents or the elderly. In different cases selected a different type of flower, its color and amount.

Since ancient times the rose has occupied a prominent place among the flowers for a gift. Its peculiarity is that thanks to the many shades and sizes, this flower can symbolize love, loyalty, friendship, wealth, welfare, prosperity, separation and farewell. Beautiful arrangement of roses will show the depth of your feelings and the solemnity of the moment.

In Addition to the varieties of colors and shades, of great importance in the transmission of feelings through colors has their number in the bouquet. Since ancient times the important role played in the life of magic numbers. If you want to purchase a 51 rose, you will likely wish to generate the impression of generous and easy-going man. At the same time, this impulse of generosity is a reliable man, capable of real feelings.

Order 51 rose in our online store of fresh flowers. Our site provides a catalogue of fifty-one bunches of roses that were already created by the florist shop. If you do not want to repeat, and want to receive the composition for individual orders, leave your wishes regarding shade, size of roses, other plants and the quality of the packaging. Such details contribute to the overall impression of the bouquet.

If you need bouquet of 51 roses, we will do this at a convenient time for you. Express delivery comes with fresh roses available at the time of order. If delivery is issued in advance, the variety of colors and shades we choose, taking into account all wishes of the customer.

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