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What flowers to give for newborns, buy flowers in the hospital!!!!

Having a baby is an incredibly happy event for each family, and we can say that the level of its value surpasses all the events in our lives. Except that the wedding will be able to rival this event as heralding the arrival of a new family member. Our online shop with great enthusiasm creates bouquets for statements from the hospital to the fathers were able to thank their incredible and luxurious bouquet for your favorite dochechka or son.

A Young dad, learning about the birth of a child, the first thing thinks would be more effective to thank my wife for the child and what to buy flowers in the hospital. To begin with, we will, of course, advisable to check with your hospital whether you can bring flowers. Indeed, many of them against the flowers in the wards, this hospital requires sanitation.

Ate gave you welcome to bring flowers, you need to buy the best bouquet for new moms. Our florists can give you some tips:

1. Do not wear in the hospital and huge colorful bouquets. Well suited for such a case, the arrangement of field flowers, cream roses or daisies.

2. Too expensive with the strong aroma of flowers is also not necessary to choose for young mothers (Lily of the valley, lilac). Strong smells can cause an allergic reaction.

What flowers to give for newborns and their moms? In this case, there are several options:

· can be brought to the threshold of the hospital the most favorite flowers for your wife;

· if you are unable to decide on colors, to bring gratitude to his wife for life of a newborn baby, we recommend to compose in pink, if you are born a girl or blue if boy.

Our experts will create for you a bouquet. For girls, you can execute chrysanthemums, roses, eustomas, carnations, lilies, orchids and spray roses or other favorite flowers of your spouse.

For a boy is also quite simple to make a composition, bluebells, violets or other flowers of this color. These bouquets look very substandard. Our send flowers to hospital will do everything quickly and in the best possible way, without delay!

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