The care of Orchid

If a modern flower shop, immediately catches the eye blooming orchids of different colors. This beautiful plant is very finicky in its care and requires a special approach. If you properly care, it will grow on the window sill and to please the owners of large flowers. Basic care for this plant is a good soil, and timely watering, moist air and the right lighting.

How to care for plants?

once you have brought the beauty home, remember that for her it was a kind of stress. Therefore for plants it is necessary to provide the kind of care during the first two weeks. You need to put the flower away from other plants. But keep in mind that only purchased the plant does not need light, put it in the shade. It is not desirable in the period of adaptation to feed it with additional fertilizers. Watering in the first two weeks is not recommended, but still watch as the leaves and other parts. If the flower has adapted fine to start to accustom him to the rays of the sun, and occasionally watering it.

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  2. Watering. Such plants in nature can be in the water, especially as the roots are not able to carry the excess moisture. But all depends on species, some species tolerate wet climate, for some suitable dry soil. The main water the plant with soft water. In the summer, enough to water two to three times a week. In winter period you can reduce watering to once per month. Watering is to just put the pot in water for 5-10 minutes, the roots will absorb the necessary moisture.
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  4. Light. Plants don't like light, but it is necessary to provide much scattered. A direct hit of rays is not suitable for them categorically. Summer is best, move the flower from the window sill, as the sun's rays at this time fairly active. For dimming you can use the matte film on the glass or thin plastic.

In that case, if your flower does not bloom for a long time, it needs to be transplanted into another pot. But first, just change the location of the plant, place it on another place. Orchid you can in our online store Bestflowers. The site presents a wide range of products at affordable prices. Order your favorite flower can be delivered to your home.

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