Contract-offer an online store BESTFLOWERS.COM.UA

The online store HTTPS://BESTFLOWERS.COM.UA/ (hereinafter SELLER), publishes the present contract is a public contract-offer to address both physical and legal persons (hereinafter-the BUYER) of the following:

Article 1. The subject of the agreement.

1.1 the SELLER agrees to comply with the service provided (delivery of flowers), decorated on the website HTTPS://BESTFLOWERS.COM.UA/ BUYER, and the BUYER agrees to pay for the service in any convenient way on the website payment gateway WWW.INTERKASSA.COM.

Article 2. The time of conclusion of the contract.

2.1. The text of this Agreement is a public offer.

2.2. The fact of ORDERING the SERVICE from the SELLER, both independently and through the operator, is the unconditional acceptance of this Contract, and the BUYER is considered as a person who joined the SELLER in a contractual relationship.

2.3. The ORDER of SERVICE and calculated by the BUYER's ordering from the online store HTTPS://BESTFLOWERS.COM.UA/.

Article 3. The cost of the SERVICE.

3.1. Prices in the online shop are quoted in the currency of the country of the buyer.

3.2. The cost of the SERVICE selected by BUYER.

3.2. One BUYER has the right to order the SERVICE unlimited times.

Article 4. Payment for the SERVICE.

4.1. Payment for services performed by the BUYER one of the many available methods, online payment gateway WWW.INTERKASSA.COM

4.2. In most cases, the Commission of the BUYER will not be charged, but payment gateway WWW.INTERKASSA.COM and the payment system have the right to charge

Article 5. Provision of SERVICES.

5.1. In most cases the SERVICE for the BUYER after the payment within the time specified when ordering.

5.2. If within the specified time, SERVICE the BUYER has not been provided, he is obliged to report the problem to the consultant at the address and specify the appropriate to check payment information, in this case, the SERVICE will be performed within 48 hours of treatment.

Article 6. The rights and obligations of the parties.

6.1. The SELLER shall:

6.1.1. Not to disclose any private information of the BUYER and not to provide access to this information to third parties except for the cases stipulated by Ukrainian legislation.

6.1.2. Provide the BUYER with the opportunity to receive free consultation at the contact information listed on the website store (HTTPS://BESTFLOWERS.COM.UA/). The consultations shall be limited to the specific issues related to ORDER fulfillment.

6.1.3. The seller reserves the right to amend this AGREEMENT unilaterally until its conclusion.

6.2. The BUYER undertakes:

6.2.1. Prior to conclusion of the CONTRACT to read the contents of a contract-offer, terms of payment and delivery on the store website (HTTPS://BESTFLOWERS.COM.UA/).

6.2.2. To provide accurate information about yourself (contact numbers, email address) and details for delivery of the notification about the successful payment.

Article 7. Liability of parties and dispute resolution.

7.1. The parties shall bear liability for nonperformance or improper performance of this AGREEMENT in the manner provided in this AGREEMENT and current legislation of Ukraine.

7.3. The SELLER is not responsible if the various expectations of the BUYER of the services rendered was not justified.

7.4. The SELLER is not responsible for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations to provide SERVICES if they result from force majeure.

7.5. The BUYER, placing the ORDER is responsible for the accuracy of the information and confirms that the terms of this AGREEMENT, have read and agree.

7.6. All disputes arising from the performance of obligations under this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations. In case of impossibility of their elimination, the parties have the right to seek judicial protection of their interests.

Article 8. Refund.

8.1. All payments on the website HTTPS://BESTFLOWERS.COM.UA/ final and cannot be returned entirely or partially to the BUYER's account after the order.

Article 9. Force majeure.

9.1. The parties are relieved from responsibility for default or inadequate execution of obligations under the Contract for the duration of the force majeure. Under force majeure refers to extraordinary and insuperable circumstances that impede the fulfillment of obligations of the PARTIES under this Agreement. They include natural phenomena (earthquakes, floods, etc.), circumstances of public life (war, state of emergency, the largest strikes, epidemics, etc p.), prohibitive measures of public authorities (prohibition of transportation, currency restrictions, international sanctions ban the trade, etc.). During this time, the PARTIES have mutual claims, and each party assumes its own risk the consequences of force majeure.

Article 10. The term of the agreement.

10.1. This AGREEMENT shall enter into force from the date of treatment in online store HTTPS://BESTFLOWERS.COM.UA/ and ORDER, and ends with the full performance of the obligations by the PARTIES.

Article 11. Details online store. Address on the Internet - HTTPS://BESTFLOWERS.COM.UA/

Mirror of the site on the Internet - HTTPS://BESTFLOWERS.COM.UA/

Mirror of the site on the Internet - HTTPS://BESTFLOWERS.COM.UA/