Return policy

1. A complaint to an order may be accepted for consideration if it is submitted within 2 hours from the time the order is executed.
2. The procedure for interaction with the Client in the event of a complaint:
2.1. The client sends it to any of the specified contact information in the "Contacts" section.
2.2. The company notifies the Client of receipt of the complaint within 1 hour, conducts an internal investigation and gives a reasoned response.
2.3. If at the time of delivery to the Recipient, the flowers (other goods) were not fresh - the Customer has the right to replace the goods. * Complaints must be attached to the photos for which it is possible to determine the quality of the flowers within 2 hours from the time of delivery.
3. Reasons for the return date.
3.1. We do not give guarantees, and are not responsible, regarding the delivery time, to call the recipient, before delivery, the time specified by the Recipient, during the call, is of higher priority.
3.2. The goods shall not be returned when, at the time indicated by the Customer, the Recipient was not in place, or at the Recipient's request, the delivery time was changed, as well as in cases when the Recipient refused to receive the order.
3.2. On holidays, delivery is carried out during the day (International Women's Day, Valentine's Day - March 7-9 and February 13-15, respectively) - these days all orders are delivered during the day.
4. Substandard product or absence of all components of the order:
4.1. If at the time of delivery, the goods (flowers, fruits, sweets) were not fresh or did not match the selected product, quantity - the client has the right to replace the delivered goods. * Complaints must be attached to the photos, which can determine the state, quantity 2 hours after receiving the order.
5. Non-fulfillment of obligations regarding the service:
5.1. We do not give guarantees regarding the photo of the Recipient with gifts at the time of their delivery. An order is considered completed even if such a photo was not taken (or taken in poor quality).
5.2. We do not give any guarantees regarding the delivery of SMS and email notifications. The reasons for not delivering SMS messages may be as follows: the operator’s refusal to receive SMS, the Customer’s telephone memory is full, the phone number on the order form is incorrect, etc. The reasons for not delivering an email message may be as follows: the Client’s mailbox is full, the client’s email address is incorrect, the presence of filters that do not let the message through, etc.
6. The procedure for refund:
6.1. Refunds are made on the next banking day from the date of the decision to return the funds.
6.2. In the event that a refund is made by returning a payment from a debit or credit card (which was made on the site automatically, using acquiring systems), the funds are transferred to the Customer’s card within 30 days from the time of return.
6.3. If the refund is carried out according to the erroneous payment details provided by the Client, the refund is deemed to be carried out in the presence of facts or documents confirming the refund by the details provided by the Client.
7. The parties are exempted from obligations under this Agreement due to the occurrence of force majeure circumstances.
* - because the company cannot control the storage conditions after the delivery of flowers - quality complaints can only be accepted within 2 hours from the time of delivery.
** - The postcard is not subject to exchange or delivery, if the courier did not enclose it or did not deliver it due to any circumstances.